Keep Your Capital Wealth Safe

Focused on community growth and innovation. Providing fair opportunities for start-ups and local business owners.  Launching in Fall 2023.
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Sovereign Baank is a parent company of UBSBC Inc.

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Average HHI

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We Provide A Digital Payment System

Our solutions allow you to connect to banks, providing a very easy and secure way of managing your finances.

Investors Hub: Connecting Members to Investment Leads

Members can use their access capital and invest in opportunities that resonate with them.

Capital Wealth

Lead Invesments

Raised Funding

Make It Easy For You To Transact Safely And Quickly

It also has a location-based services (LBS) feature that allows the user to check their balance while they are shopping in a store.

Flexible With Different Payment Methods

Our app makes it easy for anyone to store money, send and receive payments and pay with a mobile phone.

New Payment Platform

The flexibility of our open APIs, as well as our physical and virtual card formats, allows our members  to pay vendors, workers with innovative payment solutions. 

  • Expense cards with built-in spend controls
  • Instant installment loans at POS
  • Faster payouts
  • Reward programs

Business Payments

  • Direct, dynamic control of new and recurring spend
  • Easy integration with other solutions
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Fast merchant onboarding

Credit Card

Instant payments: Faster than ACH, cheaper than checks.

Zero-Balance cards: Free up capital and release funds in real time.

Fraud control: Dynamically approve or reject transactions in real time based on changing information.

Fast reconciliation: Insert custom metadata into transaction records to accelerate data matching.

Custom card experiences:
Tailor criteria such as vendor, amount, time, location, and more.



We create flexible loan opportunities for communities to get a fair opportunity to thrive.

Low Interest:

Pay more towards your principle loan, rather than towards interest.

Home Improvement: 

Remodel your home, for spring, fall or winter. We are here to help.   


Discover a new way of owning a home, with low interest, and majority of your payments going to principle. 


Incentives and rewards

Business account holders can create incentive-based campaigns.

SB will issue an incentive card. 

Online Retailer: Customer uses the incentive card to make a purchase at an online store.

SB Business account user can control spend to ensure the purchase is within the campaign criteria. 

SB is contacted by the appropriate network for authorization (Visa, MasterCard).

SB Business account holder is provided real-time notifications on spending that can be used to extend additional offers.  


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We provide secure solution that allows you to keep your wealth safe, make payments to service providers, merchants, utilities and government organizations. We don’t do “Fractional-reserve banking,” meaning we don’t leverage your deposits and put your capital at risk.  

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