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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Sovereign Baank.

How is SB different from traditional Banks?

Sovereign Baank does not do “Fractional-Reserve Banking,” which means we do NOT touch our customers deposits. Traditional banks use their customers capital without them knowing and invest it, leveraging themselves and exposing their companies to greater risks and possibly bankruptcy.  

SB offers lower rates, fees and has a community focus to create projects that help improve the quality of lives of its members. Such as Private Hospitals, Private Health Centers (ex: Mental Health), Private Schools, supporting local Farmers, and much more. 

Where can I put my money, that's safe?

With the current closing of SVB, and many others that closed overnight, people are concerned about their capital wealth, and Digital ID.  

SB is offering membership to diversify your capital wealth.  Members of SB get shares, and rewards.  For more info, visit here to become a founding member:

Will SB be offering Loans & Mortgages?

Yes SB will be offering loans at lower interest rates than traditional banks. 

SB will also be offering better mortgages than traditional banks, by offering from your first payment onwards that majority of those funds go towards your principle, rather than interest.  SB’s vision is to keep its members out of debt. 

Will SB offer fair opportunities?

SB does not have any agendas to follow; as our focus is community driven prosperity projects, and not any political or Government agendas.

We want our members to get fair opportunities to succeed in their personal and professional life.  

Will SB ever sell out?

SB does not ever plan to sell out any member’s private information to any 3rd party companies. 

SB will also never sell out its values to a higher bidder.  The company’s founder Ray Brown, walked away from Billions from Wall Street, because he didn’t want to become their puppet.  The company is built on the foundation of community.  People always rule over any tyranny or authoritarian systems.

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