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Your go to financial freedom.

Sovereign Baank is different from traditional banks.  We believe that people should have a choice, not pay high interest, have their privacy protected, and not violated, and have a Baank vested in community initiatives focused on private health care, private hospitals, private education, local farming, innovation, sustainable housing…
Imagine a Baank like that, we did, so we created one!


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Our mission

We founded Sovereign Baank to provide people to make better financial decisions so they have the freedom to focus on what matters most. Their health, kids, and future.

No Fractional-reserve banking

Traditional banks use a Fractional-reserve banking system where they take deposits from. the public and lend them to borrowers, exposing their banks to high risks and bail-ins if the banks fail. Putting people’s wealth at risk. 

No CBDC Digital ID system

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is expected to become the one platform for banking, that will require every user using it to have a Digital ID. Without that Digital ID, you won’t be able to have a bank account or get health care services, or any other Government services.  We at SB will not be forcing people in that direction. We believe in fair opportunities and freedom of choice. 

Imagine a Baank vested in you

Imagine a Baank invested in keeping you out of debt. Focused on community health care, private schools that are not focused on ‘woke’ agendas, or drag queens for kids. Imagine a Baank vested in creating community housing, and investing in your future.

Our values

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Designed to give entrepreneurs the banking experience they deserve.

We understand how important your business needs are, so as a community baank focused on providing you solutions to succeed within the community and online. We are providing fair opportunities to entrepreneurs from all diverse backgrounds. 

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Join our growing team of CSRs, community managers, investment managers, marketing experts, financial planners, creative planners…

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